Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Good-bye to Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore

Well, as most of you know, I finished my thesis early. And though I will miss Ireland more than words can express, it's time for me to come home. I'm flying home tomorrow, and will be in VA for a week, and then in Utah.  I am SO ready for some hellos, and sick of all the goodbyes I have had to say in the past couple weeks. It's late and I have to get up early because stupid Jedward is carrying the Olympic torch right through the route I need to take to the airport so I'm leave way early to go around the closed roads. But before I sign off, I want to put up some pictures from my most excellent past couple weeks. I turned in my thesis, all bound and perfect, and then celebrated big time. I will miss my college! 

Celebration! Done with my thesis, waiting until October for results.

Then, me and Sam embarked on my favourite trip of this whole year- to the Aran Islands. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! I promise once I am home I will write more about  this, but for now some pics will have to suffice. 

First, to Bunratty. Awesome theme park, which has a medieval castle and villages of "Ireland through the ages"- Victorian cottages, people in costume...I think this is heaven.

 Next, to Inishmore. We put on our ponchos, rented some bikes, and had an amazing adventure. 

Fish and chips at the pub, some phenomenal music- and a VERY attractive band at that! 

I tried to climb a fence made of loose rocks, not as easy as it looks. 

Again, I will be blogging more about this trip, as it was absolutely incredible. The Aran islands are such a unique, beautiful place. They still speak Irish there, which added to the whole experience. It was the perfect way to end my year.

To finish, here's a video worth watching- the High Kings, a popular Irish band. I got to see them live in December, and they are amazing. I love this song, and it really captures how I feel about leaving:

Fare well to old Ireland
Good bye to you banna strand
No time to look back
Facing the wind
Fighting the waves

So, fare thee well
my own true love
I'll think of you night and day
A place in my mind
You will surely find
Although I am so far away
And when I am alone, far away from home
I think of the good times once more.
Until I make it back someday here
to Paddy's green Shamrock shore

I am so grateful for my time here in Ireland, and the people I have met and the good times I've had. Until I make it back someday- Fare well to old Ireland! Sl├ín! 

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